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High School

As referenced above, NCA will follow the BCSI course sequence for high school. In history, students begin with Western Civilization I & II in 9th and 10th grade, learn American History from 1600-1900 in 11th grade, and finish with a year of Modern European History (1789-2000) and a semester of 20th Century American History in 12th grade. In literature, students read great works, usually in their entirety, with an emphasis on ancient literature in 9th grade, British literature in 10th grade, American literature in 11th grade, and modern literature in 12th grade. Students will be offered at least four full years of science classes and will be expected to complete four years of science to meet graduation requirements.  The required science track is Biology and Chemistry, then options such as Physics, Earth Science, Astronomy, or a more advanced course in Biology or Chemistry in the other two years. In math, students will complete courses at least through Geometry and Algebra II, and be able to take additional courses such as Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and possibly Statistics to complete the four-year math requirement.  In foreign language, students will take at least one year of Latin and two additional years of a foreign language—either Latin or a modern foreign language.