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Dual Enrollment

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College-Level Examination Program, unlike Advanced Placement, is not built around a curriculum, but rather is designed to test students’ knowledge on a variety of college-level subjects, regardless of where they may have learned the material.

CLEP exams are developed by committees of college faculty who design questions based on what is typically covered in lower-level college courses and who set passing standards for the exams (scores are no longer based on studies of student performance in college courses).

With the new computer-based tests, new questions are constantly being added, especially in rapidly-changing fields such as Computer Science.

The typical passing score on computer-based CLEP exams for general education purposes is 50, although paper and pencil versions will be different.

More information about CLEP, including recent test information guides, can be found online.

The CLEP may be taken without cost if you follow this option.