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School Supplies Program

Our school supply program is a Win-Win!

It saves parents time & money while ensuring consistency in the required items. Naples Classical Academy parents and guardians can avoid the hassle of school supply shopping and ensure that NCA teachers and students have an efficient and uniform supply of necessary items for the classroom. The traditional way of searching for specific school supplies on each teacher’s list takes time and items can be hard to find. It is estimated that a purchasing these items separately averages around $75.00.

Our School Supply Program requests a donation of $50.00 per child to cover all consumable supplies required for the school year. This includes tissues, sanitizer, markers, crayons, paper, pencils, composition notebooks, folders, planners, etc. Most families will make this contribution during the registration process. If you have not contributed, you can do that now. If you are unable to contribute the $50, you can donate two cases (10 reams) of printer paper to the school in lieu of the cash donation. If you have not yet contributed the $50 per student, you can do so now.

If all parents contribute to this Program, we can continue it every year, and ensure that the students have the supplies that they need without the need for parents or staff to shop for supplies.

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