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Uniform Details

Students may purchase uniform pieces from Lands’ End or local retail stores that carry school uniforms. Uniform pieces purchased from a store other than Lands’ End must be comparable to the Lands’ End items on the Grade-by-Grade Uniform Requirements page.

Visit our Uniform Q & A page for links to Naples Classical Lands’ End page and the information on our Local Uniform Vendor. Note that every scholar is required to have at least one uniform top with an embroidered logo.

Shirts - Navy blue or red polo shirts will be worn at all times. The top button may be unbuttoned, all others must be buttoned. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Solid colored blue or white dress shirt with solid color blue or black or conservative striped tie are an option for grades 9-12. 

Sweaters and Cardigans - Solid navy blue v-neck vest pullover and sweater and crew neck button-up cardigan sweaters may be worn indoors. No HOODIES and NO GRAPHICS.

Outerwear - Solid black or navy blue jackets may be worn outside during cool weather. NO HOODIES and NO GRAPHICS.

Pants and Shorts - Khaki or navy blue uniform bottoms must be worn at the natural waist. Solid black or brown belts must be worn if the bottoms have loops. Shorts must reach the top of the knee. Pants must extend to the bottom of the shoe. Cargo pants, joggers, and jeans are prohibited. 

Skirts, Skorts & Dresses – Skirts, skorts and dresses must reach the top of the knee. Either black or navy shorts need to be worn under all skirts and dresses. Lands’ End Plaid jumper for K-3 must be worn with the white blouse on their website.

Hair - Hair must be clean, neat and out of the eyes and face. Only natural hair colors are allowed. No unusual or radical hairstyles that may be distracting. Hair accessories must be navy, khaki, or white. Hats, bandanas, and scarves are prohibited (except for religious practices that are documented with the school administration).

Shoes - Shoes must be solid black or white tennis/running shoes or dress shoes. All shoes must be flat, closed-toe with a back and may not have wheels. All straps/laces must be properly fastened.  Footwear must be suitable for physical education classes.

Socks - Black, navy, or white socks must be worn at all times. Navy or black tights may be worn under the dress. All other hosiery prohibited. 

Jewelry - Students may wear no more than two necklaces at one time. Girls may wear two earrings per ear on the earlobe, and it must not be larger than a quarter. Body/facial piercings and gauges are not permitted. Boys will not be permitted to wear earrings. No visible body piercings. Smartwatches are not permitted.

Other - No visible tattoos are permitted. Colognes, perfumes, and pungent substances which may cause distraction or allergic reactions are not permitted. Makeup must look natural. No black nail polish or lipstick. Students may wear face masks as a precaution due to COVID-19 if desired, but not mandatory