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CCPS Charter School Volunteer Page

Let’s Serve Together!

Steps to Become a NCA Volunteer

Complete the NCA Volunteer Form found here.
Go to the Giving tab, select Volunteers from the dropdown list, and then click on Volunteer Sign-Up. Complete the form and submit.

If you are interested in serving around our scholars (i.e., becoming a chaperone, helping during field trips or inside the classroom, etc.) please indicate so by checking “Other” and adding a note in the provided space.

If your volunteer position requires interaction with our scholars, you must comlete the CCPS steps below.

Steps To Become a CCPS  Charter School Volunteer

CCPS has made some changes to the volunteer process this year.  There are no more Level 1  or Level 2 designations – just one designation of “Volunteer”. 

All volunteer applications expire June 30th – New and returning volunteers need to apply at CCPS has created a "Charter" option for our school name.   

1. Fill out the Volunteer Application  with Collier County.  

2. Download (see Important Documents on the right)  or pick up the two required forms from school. Submit the signed forms to the the front office and provide a valid US issued photo ID.  

3. Receive an email from NCA  confirming your application has been approved

4. Read the Volunteer Handbook and watch the Orientation Video on the CCPS website (see Important Documents on the right). 

Once your application and forms have been approved, you are cleared to volunteer to support the faculty and staff of NCA.  

Anyone participating in overnight or out-of-county trips need to be fingerprinted.  Lee County is considered in-county for these purposes. Returning volunteers previously fingerprinted will need to be re-fingerprinted. This is only if they will be participating in overnight or out-of-county trips – otherwise, fingerprints are not required to volunteer.   Fingerprints are now being retained and actively monitored for changes in criminal history

NOTE: If you are interested in participating in overnight or out-of-county trips, there is a CCPS $41.25 fingerprint processing fee for background checks. (Only payable by check or money order made to Collier County Public Schools or CCPS) . 

What happens if I’m not approved? 

If you are not approved,  you may still participate as a parent with your child ONLY. You may not volunteer in any capacity.

We look forward to serving our NCA community and scholars together!