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Enrollment Q&A for 2023–2024

How do I enroll my child?
Parents must fill out an application for NCA’s random admissions lottery via SchoolMint.

When will I know if my student was accepted?
The random admissions lottery will be conducted after each Open Enrollment period has ended. Parents will be notified of their student’s status 1-2 days after the lottery.

First Enrollment Period
The first enrollment period starts on December 1, 2022, and the first lottery will be held on January 3, 2023.

Second Enrollment Period
The Lottery dates are posted in a table on the Apply for Lottery page of the website.  

If all available seats are not filled after the second established open enrollment period, subsequent applications will be accepted and ordered based on the date the application was received and the preferences extended to the applicant. As seats become available, they will be offered to applicants according to this established order until capacity is reached.

Are preferences given to certain students in the lottery process?
The priority order in the lottery selection process is:

  • Children of founding board members and employees of the school (since some staff members at the school are employed by The Optima Foundation, this preference will extend to the children of those employees working at the school), and siblings of enrolled students.
  • Students from the county-at-large.
  • Students from other Florida counties.

Are my child's test scores or grades considered during the admission process?

If my child is on a wait list, how will I know when admission will be offered?
You will be notified by email.

If my child is selected for admission, is he/she automatically enrolled?
No. You will need to complete the Registration process by submitting all documents within 14 days.

Do I need proof of my family's immigration status to enroll my child in a charter school?

If my child is accepted, will they need to participate in the lottery each year?
No. Existing students have priority over new students in the enrollment process.

Does the Waiting List carry over into the next school year?
No. Each school-year’s Waiting List starts anew with a fresh lottery, so that everyone has an equal chance of getting in (with the exception of siblings – see the next item).

Are siblings of current students guaranteed admission?
Siblings of enrolled students will have priority placement during the enrollment process as per Florida Statutes.

How will a sibling of a new student be treated?
Siblings of new students will have priority placement during the enrollment process as soon as the new student completes the registration process.

Is there an enrollment or application fee?
There are no fees required to apply to or attend the school.

If I donate to the school, will my child be given preferential treatment or be guaranteed a place in the school?

Are children with special needs accepted?

What items will be required for registration?
The same items as required for all public schools. Visit our Registration Documents page for a list of all documents needed and fillable record request forms.