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Welcome from the Head of School

“All knowledge is obviously good because the good of anything is that which belongs to the fullness of being which all things seek after and desire; and man as man reaches fullness of being through knowledge.” St. Thomas Aquinas from his commentary on Aristotles De Anima

According to Aristotle, man is more inclined, by nature, to marriage than to politics. He goes on to say that marriage and family are essentially the first society and therefore, the foundational element of every society. We are born by nature into the hierarchical structure of the family, where we experience authority for the first time. The authority of the parents is ordered to their primary responsibility, which is the education of children. As St. Thomas Aquinas says man’s human flourishing depends on his acquisition of true knowledge. The success of every society depends on the flourishing of human souls in their pursuit of truth, the family, and education. These three things are intrinsically linked to each other and the rise and fall of every society in history depends on these three things.

As the Head of School of Naples Classical Academy, our fundamental mission is the renewal of society in truth and goodness. Therefore, the office requires its occupant to be a servant of the truth, the mission of the school and the family. The office of Head of School must serve not himself, but the truth of things as they can be known. The students are your children and you have entrusted us to work with you in the mission of educating them. This requires fidelity to the truth, the mission of the school, and the commitment to the fullness of being - human flourishing.

I hope that my commitment to those fundamental tenets of a successful family, and society, will be the foundation for our unity in the pursuit of truth. I long to build a society of learners who love to wonder and question big ideas. A society of learners who are drawn to the zeal of their teachers for their particular discipline. A society in which the students and families, are acutely aware of the profound love that we have for the pursuit of both academic and moral excellence and subsequently, our love for the good and therefore, the flourishing of each person that we encounter during the day.

As we move forward together, I hope that we can continue to seek the good of the students each other, and the society centered around learning and living well. I ask that we seek it not only for the good of individual students, but the entire society of learners, and our society as a whole. Let us work together through the education of our children in the academic and moral life toward society imbued with the happiness and peace that accompanies the true flourishing of human souls!


Ronald Garcia, MTs
Head of School

Ronald Garcia, MTs Interim Principal